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Air Compressor Parts

Edmac stocks replacement hard parts and consumables for many air compressor makes and models.

Air Filter Elements

To help ensure compressor reliability, Edmac supplies replacement compressor quality air filter elements that offer exceptional service life, low pressure drop, and good dust holding capacity. To find the replacement that fits your compressor search above with part number.

Lube and Coolant Filters

Good lube filtration protects a rotary screw compressor's screws from particulate and other contaminants, while maintaining the vital flow of compressor lubricant to the airend screws. Edmac supplies replacement lube and coolant filters designed with the right filter media and seals to perform in the demanding conditions found inside air compressors. To find a replacement oil filter that matches your compressor search above with part number.

Air/Oil Separators

Depending on the compressor model, Edmac will supply a conventional or pleated air/oil separator of the highest quality. Our air compressor air/oil separators have an electrically conductive interconnection in order to transfer any static charges reliably to the compressor housing. To find a replacement air/oil separator that matches your compressor search above with part number..

Compressor Lubricant

Edmac provides compressor lubricants that more times than not exceed OEM lubricants performance and specifications. Most Edmac compressor lubricants feature:
  • Longer run-times than the OEM lubricant
  • Higher flash points than the OEM lubricant
  • Wider temperature performance than the OEM lubricant
PAO, Diester, H1 food grade and other lubricant types are available. You can look a replacement lubricant by searching by part number.

Inline Filter Elements

Replacement inline filter elements for nearly any manufacturers inline filter assembly can be found using the part number search. Edmac's replacement particulate, coalescer, and vapor filter elements feature market-leading filter media and components that meet or exceed the OEM specification.

Activated Alumina Desiccant

Edmac stocks 1/8'' activated alumina and 3/16'' activated alumina in 50 lb. bags. Activated alumina is widely used as an adsorbent material in desiccant compressed air dryers.