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The most common desiccant used in compressed air applications are Activated Alumina, deliquescent (Dry-O-Lite), and Silica Gel. Molecular Sieves are also used in some critical applications that require dew points of -100°F. Edmac stocks F-200 1/8 in. bead and 3/16 in. bead activated alumina in 50 lb. bags. We also stock Van Air Dry-O-Lite in 50 lb bags. Edmac offers quantity discounts on desiccant.

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Edmac Part NumberDescriptionQuantily
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Desiccant, 2000 lb Super Sack
Replacement Part. BASF
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Tabular Balls, 2,205 lb Super Sack
Replacement Part. BASF
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Silica Gel Type A White, 3.0 - 5.0 MM
Replacement Part. 55 lb bag
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{R} 1/2" Tabular Support Desiccant 88lb
Replacement Part. 88 lb bag tabular support inert
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33-0203 Van Air Dy-O-Lite Deliquescent
Genuine OEM Part. - Desiccant 506 lb Drum
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4A Beaded Mol Sieve 4-x 8 55 lb Drum
Replacement Part.
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{R} 1/4" Tabular Support Desic 85lb Bag
Replacement Part. 85 lb Bag
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{R} 4A Beaded Mol. Sieve 4 x 8 140 lb Dr
Replacement Part. 140 lb Drum
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